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Emily Vancamp por Elle Canada.

I already talked here about my passion for fashion Magazines and my obsession for Tv series right? Well my current one is Revenge starling by Canadian sweetheart Emily Vancamp. I got the magazine some days ago, and i have to confess it got me because of the cover! LMAO She is in the April issue of the Magazine and unfortunately this magazine is not available in Brazil guys! I talked about her style before here. (is in Portuguese i know, I am trying to work with this cross information along.!), and I think this girl have a brilliant future in Hollywood. In this interview she talked about relationship with her co- star Joshua Bowman, career, life, family and press. I’m complete obsessed with

How to create a successful blog.

Hi guys! Last week I was watching The social on CTV and something got my attention. Well I like this program because is not just a regular female, gossip and no content show, actually the usually have a lot of interesting topics, but anyways they talked about how to have a successful blog and along with the topic they had a panel with bloggers and social media experts. You can read the complete article here. One thing that i notice is that every time that this topic is brought to the table, most of people give the same advice and etc, and always looks so simple and they say that everybody can have one. True, but let me tell you my experience so far. I have the blog over 4 years now. Betwee




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