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Love for Italian - Il Mulino

Hey Guys! Las week I had a amazing surprise from my boyfriend. We clelebrate our aniversary together and as a surprise, he took me to one restaurants that I Always want to try. Il Mulino. This restaurant is considerate one of the best Italian restaurants in Toronto, and I have to say it really deserve the title. The food is Amazing from the entreé to the dessert. I had the Insalata Verde, Risotto ai Finghi and to finish with the best cheesecake that i ate in my life, I have to sai just to remind it make me want more. He had Antipasti Il Mulino (delicious), Risotto ai frutti di mare and a Strudel filled with apple, pear and cramberry. Everuthing was perfect for this perfect day. I Highly reco

Apps to love.

Hey guys! Today I´m here to talk about one of my new addiction. The Covet Fashion App for Smartphones and Tablets. Well the game is very simple, easy and fun to play. I’t consist in a app that you have your “barbie doll” and you have to dress her up for different events and occasions. Every time that you enter in one event you have a chance to get one stylish item for you closet and at the same time increase closet value, diamonds from participate in event and unlock new make up, hair style and places. the fist step is to choose one event (usually is required 25 tickets). Read the info about the event to get some tips to your look and make sure that u cover all the requires. After submit th




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