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The charm of home bars.

Hi Guys! Monday is here and we have more decor on. This time I choose the home bars to talk about. I just bought a Bar Cart/ Server Cart to my new place and I was not sure how to display all the things like wine glasses, bottles, mine bottles etc in there, so I separate some ideas to inspire me and also share with you guys. As everybody knows, decorate a house is not easy and even cheap so I research a lot before actually buy my furniture and here we have kijiji and eBay for those that wants to create a cute and creative space without spend too much money and gives it a lot of personality. Mine I got at Linen Chest in Toronto. It was my first time in this store and I have to say is amazing.

My week in Punta Cana Pt 1.

Hello Guys!!! My plain was to talk about my experience in one post but was so good that I decide to divide it, so I can dig in more for you guys. Last Month, I had my first all inclusive resort experience and I have to say, I think that´s is in my Top three ways to travel (not that I have many options but. LMAO). For those that don´t know, the All inclusive plain means that you going to pay one package that you don´t have extra charges with food, activities inside the resort, airfare, transportation etc. This is new to me as well, but let me explain a little bit more. We got a pretty good deal from Toronto to Punta Cana through Sun wing’s website (is a small airline company that have a divis

Monday Inspiration, empty walls.

Hi Guys! This Monday I decided to post some inspiration for that empty wall that I bet you all have in some parts of your place, can be in your room, office, kitchen and also living room. Most of those empty spaces are for sure in the office. It´s doesn’t matter if your office desk is facing the wall like mine is or the wall is behind you, is always so clean and no fun. Thinking about those spaces I separate some inspirations that I found online, other blogs and also my personal pictures to inspire you guys to decorate your space, check this out. That´s one of my personal one in my place, I collect magnets from all over the world. The fun part is that you can use murals, wall decal, signs,

Monday Decoration.

Since I move in with my boyfriend, not just me but we both had to adapt our lifestyle and places to be compatible with each other. I don´t know if I mention it here before, but I used to live by myself and I had my all furnished condo with my girl decoration and taste, same as him, so can you imagine how hard it was when we got all together??? LMAO Almost 3 months later we still working on the decoration in baby steps, selling some things and buy new ones that we both agree in the taste. Well the story goes on and on for long but this is a Topic for another post; meanwhile I select some bedroom inspirations for you guys that are experiencing the same as I´m going through right now. This ar

They´re Real push-up Liner

Hey Guys! I posted on instagram last week my purchase at Sephora. Was the worldwide launch of Benefit´s new eyeliner that´s innovative? The Launch happened last Friday June 27th at all Sephoras not just here in Toronto but all over the world. I went at Eaton Centre one and was nice because when I got there there´s some make up artists teaching all the guests how to use the new product, also a spoke person from Benefit talking about the three products that they launch but the star was the Eyeliner for sure. About the product: Benefit they’re Real! Push-Up Liner is the first fool-proof and budge-proof gel liner in a pen. A gorgeous way to open up eyes, this matte black gel formula won’t dry ou

Happy Canada Day.

To celebrate Canada´s big day, I select some inspire looks with the canadian colors to be ready for the party! source: Pinterest




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