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Monday Decor, Reading Nook.

Hi Guys! One more Monday, one more decor inspirational idea. This week I brought the reading nook, is one of my goals right now to do in my place. Is super easy to create but requires a little more time, effort and if you don’t have exactly the display that you want sometimes more budget to construct not to set up. Ok, first of all, for those who don’t know (that includes myself that just find out the name recently, I used to call as my reading corner), Nook is a small space, corner or even place to ride, but in this term is more a space for yourself, to relax even meditate. I always wanted this type of space for me because I grew up reading a lot that’s to my mom who incentivize the habit s

DIY- Cool outfit to inspire.

Hey guys! You know that old pair of jeans or pants that you refuse to get rid of? Well just add a little of criativity and transform in a new piece in your closet. soucer: pinterest

My week in Punta Cana Pt. 2

Hi Guys. I´m back with the second part of my trip to Punta Cana. As I said before it was full of food and drinks, so let´s start the dirty talk. J Well we got quite a few restaurants. We had Mexican, Dominican, Chinese, Italian and the Brazilian, I have to say all were amazing good, but I almost repeat the Mexican and the Dominican, all three courses were amazing delicious. I don´t remember exactly the name of all dishes but I’m going to (try) giving all the details. Ai El Sombrero (Mexican) we had some Marguerites to start and fry onion rings as an appetizer with nacho soup (yummy), main course I had this amazing tacos and he had beef with vegetables and dessert I choose grilled pineapple w

Coffee Station Dream

Hi Guys! The monday decor this week was change for wednesday because i had some personal problems, but better later than never right???? Like I promise before that I would bring my favorite corner of my house, my coffee station. Took me a while until I found all the decorations, peaces and even the coffee machine (the coffee machine post is going to come soon) ideal for us since we are coffee freaks. I´m still working on my wall decoration, I got some cute sign to put in there but is not here yet. Oh, by the way I got at e-bay for an amazing price, I show you guys after. I got some coffee station inspirations for you guys and my own corner to show as well. Hope you guys enjoy it, it doesn’t

Accessories Obsession

Hi Guys! I haven’t mention any brands for a while, but to be honest I didn’t have much time this summer to walk around the stores to see the new (ok we already at pre- fall collection LMAO). One of the stores that I could see was Aldo, and their cure dog collection and other fun handbags and accessories that I want all. I separate my favorite models from the summer collection that still in the stores, some of the models are already on sale and the best thing you can buy onlineand Aldo deliver for free. I love it. Aldo follows other big brand trend of fun bags such as Kate Spade, Charlotte Olympia and more. My favorite ones are the Paris Tote bag and the dog I Pad cases, is the cutest thing e

City of lights inspiration.

Hi Guys!!!! All my friend knows how annoying I can be over my Paris obsession! I´m those types of person that can´t see anything with the city name or landmarks involved that I want to buy it all. Like I said before here in the blog I’m decorating my place, we decide to put each part of the house one city of the world that we like such Paris, Toronto and London. One think that I didn’t see before was Paris inspire looks. Ok I confess that I have some tops from Paris and Eiffel tower but I really never use that as a good look. I separate some looks with the iconic landmark to inspire us. While I was searching for images I notice that Thai Flávia, the pretty face behind the blog Fashion Cooltu

Aussie for blondes.

Hello Guys! This past month I´ve had been testing some products that I saw a lot of reviews online. I already talked about other products that I use here in the blog but that brand I have to confess I´d never tested before! I´m using three different products from Aussie brand. The 3 minutes miracle, the hair insurance spray and the split- end protector. The split- end protector I use as a mascara together with my shampoo and conditioner routine because the consistence of this product is more thin and light so it complement my day-by-day hydration. On the other hand, the 3 minutes miracle I alternate with my regular conditioner because it is more concentrate like those salons hydration cre




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