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The best of T.O -Carole’s Cheesecake.

Hi Guys! Call me distracted but I’ve been in this place around two months ago and i complete forgot to post this awesome tip. To be honest, the day that I found this place was not on purpose, we were on our way to one more dinner and i stop by in front. The result? I had to save space to my ultimate dessert. About the restaurant I can talk more later. After I research I found out that this Carole’s cheese cake’s are the best in Toronto. Ok i didn’t try that many types of cheesecakes here but I 100% agree, is amazing. Ok the actual Cafe is in downtown Toronto in one of the most cool addresses in the city, at Yorkville, house of most of the luxury brands and cool restaurants and bars in town.

Monday Decor, Thanksgiving Tables.

Hi Guys, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a typical North America Holiday, Im Brazil we don’t have that, but since i moved to Canada I’m celebrating it. I love the fall decoration that goes with the holiday, if you google it you can find a lot of images from webpages and blogs with decor inspiration for the occasion, so I separate some images that i found the best at google to inspire us. My favourite object to use is the leafs and de pumpkin, looks so cozy and fall feelings. Did you guys have any idea or inspiration for thanksgiving? i’d love to hear more about, tell me your idas below in the comment box. source: google images, pinterest.

Get rich blogging.

Hi Guys! If you follow me on Instragram (@juniagocalves), you probably saw one of my last posts about a book that i’m reading for college, and turns out that i love this book so much that I decide to write a post about it. Is a business like book but very interest if you whats to move to a blog field. Author: Zoe Griffin. In This book the Author start talking about her history, she is a former Sunday Mirror’s newspaper columnist that decide to go into a blogging world. She shares her mistakes and errors and how she learned from it and succeeds. She highlights and compare actions for have success in blogging with companies’ business plain. The book is divided in two parts. The first one is t

Emily’s Dress.

Last sunday my favourite Tv show got back for it forth season and believe I was watching while recording at the same time. LMAO One of the things that really gets my attention (besides the plot) is how all the characters are styled in the show. I have to say the The Revenge stylist Jill Ohanneson is doing an amazing job. In a interview to In Style Magazine she talks more about the wardrobe to season 4 premiere where Emily Thorne take Victoria’s Grayson place at Grayson mansion in a sttuning Carolina Herrera dress 2013/2014. According to her, is a statement dress for the occasion and the new phase. The dress cost is around $3,290 and was not the only CH garment worn in the first episode of th




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