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All about That Glitter

Hi Guys. Lately I notice how the fashion course is changing me little by little in some aspects. I’ve been always a basic Jeans, top and flat person with no dare style or sparkle, prints or bright colours, but been in Canada for a while and having this long cold a grey winter made me change my opinion about colours, also here different from my country Brazil, nobody cares what are wearing ( even though is a plastic bag as a dress, people really respect and they leave their own lives (critic moment. LMAO). Fashion also made me realize that is fine to add some glow in your look or make up anytime of the day, based on those thoughts I got some inspirations of looks that I would love to wear any

Monday Decor, Home office.

Hi Guys. This monday is just one more inspiration of my home project. As I already said here before, my boyfriend ad I are living together so we are changing a lot of things in our home to look more cosy and our office corner is also important because we both spend a lot of time there. I notice that when you have a house is always a work in progress, you want to make more cozy, change furniture, change wall colour and on and on. The thing is, woman change mind a lot ( I learn that with my boyfriend’s observation about me and my sister- in-law), we always want to make the space better for sure. As usual in our Mondays inspirations, i have some pictures where i get ideas for my personal proje

Montreal Tips: Notre-Dame Basilica.

Hi Guys! How was everybody’s new years??? Hope you all had a blessed and fun night like I did. Well 2014 is gone and so the rest time, now back to business, posts to you guys. I have to confess I’ve not being very inspire lately, to be honest sometimes the motivation just disappear after almost 5 years of blog and busy life but in the end is something that i really enjoy to do, even though is not my full time job (I wish), is a scape from the daily routine. Anyways, let’s concentrate in Montreal. I bit about it’s history. This basilica was built in 1823 and went until 1829 when was officially open to the public and also for a long time was consider the biggest temple in North America countin




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