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A day and the life of generation millennial.

Hi Guys! In the beginning of the year, I wrote a post for Runway Crush with our generation as a topic and I totally forgot to share here with you guys. I know most of us Know all those facts, but I research a bit and decide to write anyways, and in my talking with my parents, I notice how different was back in their 20’s This group is considerer a world change generation. They came more conscious, willing to make a difference somehow, pursuit happiness in everything that they do (even in workplace), are tech savvy and do everything from the heart? So yeah, definitely you belong to millennial generation. The change generation started back in the 60’s on Woodstock where they did a lot of movem

Bite Beauty Canadian Collection.

Hi guys! Long time i don’t post anything about beauty here right? Well today is special, because I finally got my hands on one of the pretty colours from the limit edition of Bite Beauty. Bite for those who don’t know, is a fairly new cosmetic brand from Canada that have a natural and handmade concept of make up that debut in the market just 4 years ago (2011), and is already part of Sephora portfolio along with another amazing brands. This collection is only available in Canada and has extracts and smell of the most known Canadian simple, The maple leaf, I’m crazy about this smell I can’t stop smell it, also the packaging is so cute that I’m defiantly not going to throw it After try almost




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