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Christmas Decor Ideas

Hi Guys, This Monday decor is a little bit late but Christmas is literally a day away and I was looking for some table set ideas because I’m holding for the first time and I’m kinda new to that, so I went to my best decor ideas place, Pinterest to gather some ideas for my table setting and inspire you guys as well. I think the touches will be on the details, that’s why I chose more detailed pictures than the usual general decoration for tables. I got some nice ideas that i’ll for sure use on my table set, I guess you guys have to follow me onInstagram to check my final decoration. How about you guys, what’s your favourite inspiration for holiday decor? Tell me on the comment box. Merry Chris


Hi Guys! Since I know myself, I’ve been a make up junkie, and to be honest make up was the reason that I start the blog back in 2010, before the trips and decor taste hits me, and M.A.C was a big part of my beauty life since they were the first beauty retail to enter in Brazil and where I learned how to use this beauties. I don’t remember been excite for a M.A.C collection since the quite cute in 2011, even for a partnership for any celebrity, I Think this collection brought back a lot of glamour of the old limited edition that M.A.C did in the past, I really liked a lot of the products and selection of colours. About Ellie Goulding, she is always impeccable in the make up department and she

Green Beauty, The Detox Market

Hi Guys. Today I came to share the first of a series of 3 ( or maybe 4), posts with a Shopping Guide of Green Beauty in Toronto. Lately I found out this growing market in the beauty segment and actually there’s great options of brands to choose from. You want to know more about all those amazing places and brands? So keep reading. My fist stop was at Detox Market in downtown Toronto. They have Two locations here, the one that I went to at King Street West, and a new one at one of the trendy shopping places in the city, Yorkville. I got to know Detox Market by friend of mine Tiffany that works there and BTW helped me a lot in my visit, Thanks Love. A bit about Detox background, Valérie Grand




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