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Brunch Works.

HELLO EVERYONE. One of my favourite traditions here in North America is the Brunch, AKA the combination of breakfast and Lunch in one more meal. What I didn’t Know and learned working in events is that this can be also an excuse to be a party. Thinking of that (my next birthday maybe), I separate some ideas for a perfect Brunch party, counting on mimosas, waffles and french toast. OI PESSOAL. Uma das minhas tradições favoritas por aqui é o Brunch que nada mais é a junção de duas refeições em uma só (café da manhã e almoço). O que eu não sabia e descobri trabalhado com evento, é que o brunch pode ser um evento, festas ou qualquer tipo de celebração, talvez eu use esta ideia para o meu proximo

Trend Alert, Cold Shoulder

Hello Everyone. Ok, we saw this trend in the past fashion week S/S 2016 but since was creepy cold latest (compare to last winter is fine but not for fashion risks LMAO), we couldn’t try this style before, but now is popping on the spring streets and fall in South America the Cold Shoulder Style. Like most of the fashion, trends come and go. The cold shoulder were a big hit on 80’s, and with a fresh new look is back to all fashionistas closet for all different styles, from dresses to long sleeves, there’s something to everyone. The cold shoulder concept is just a hole in the shoulder area of the top, dress or jacket exposing some skin giving the peekaboo effect, some people also call open sho

You make me Blush.

Hi guys. I know that’s soon old news but since rose quartz is one of the colours of 2016 and we saw in some runways in the last fashion week season around the world, I decide the get some everyday looks with my favourite colour to inspire the first week of spring. From the runway to street style, here are some bloggers and looks wearing the rose to make your spring more colourful. There’s a lot of inspirations right? Rose solo or combine with other colours, gets any look a instant romantic look for any time of the day. What’s your favourite? source: google images.

Green Beauty, Refresh Botanicals

Hi guys. It’s been forever, OMG since I got back from Brazil the work was crazy and this post is so damn late. I got to know this brand at the Sparks Session conference and since I’m working on the green Beauty series since last year, That’s a perfect brand to test. They where once enough to send me the entire collection to test and review for you guys. I’ve been using their products since December to be honest and some I already run out of and i have to say 3 months is more than enough to write up a great review, I’ll classify from 1 to 5 rate to be easier. Ok the entire line so far consist in 7 products that i’ll talk one by one, they are: -Eye+Face Makeup Remover. -facial Toner. -Intensiv




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