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The Balm Cosmetics

Hello Everyone. I get so impressed how each day I see new brands popping up around me here ( or they exist already but I just notice now, LMAO). I got to know a lot in the last GenBeauty, but today I brought The Balm Cosmetics. Ok, I saw this before in Brazil at The Beauty Box Store, but I just pay attention couple weeks ago at Rexall when I was looking around for some new makeup with my mom. The first thing that caught my attention first was the cute vintage package, is all about illustrations, names and event tins. Super cute and I have a thing for vintage things. Anyways, I spend a good time paying around with the products and I wish I could buy it all, but they are quite pricy for a drug

Monday Decor, Mud Room.

Hello Everyone. Here I’m to bring another Monday decor inspiration. Mud rooms usually is something that usually nobody pay attention, but honestly is a big first impression of your home. For those who don’t know, mud rooms are kinda a hallway at the main entrance where we drop our shoes and jackets before we enter home ( yes we don’t wear shoes inside to not bring the dirt inside). I like to keep mine clean and organized, specially because this space usually is small. I select some cute inspire pictures to inspire you guys, like they inspired me. I love this space underneath the seats to put the shoes or boxes to keep the place organized. now, mine unfortunately doesn’t have this seat space

IstaReady with Physicians Formula

Hello Everyone. Today I brought more products that I got from GenBeauty, Physicians Formula. The brand I knew before, I own some of their products and they are really good and great possible to find at Shoppers, Walmart and other drugstores. They have different collections, but this one, the Super BB, #InstaReady, I never try it before. From the fair, I got 3 products, 2 contour trios (The blush and the actual contour), and the BB Cream. I’ll break down one by one here. Blush Trio Super BB: I was crazy about this product, To be honest, I saw other brands doing this form of product that looks so easy to apply and I was willing to buy it just to see how easy is to apply and if work




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