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BlogPodium 2016

Hi Guys, Last weekend I had a chance to attend Blogpodium conference that this year was held in Toronto again (Last year was in Vancouver), and this year was a really nice. Different from Sparks session, Blogpodium is very DIY and lifestyle, more about your home in focus, not my focus but still I had a great time. We had speaker talking about finances, Instagram, DIY and the awesome Keynote Tiffany Pratt giving a lot of inspirational quotes that by the way was very touching, remind me what my goal was when I decide to move to this country. Here are some pictures of the day. Overall the conference was great, I love the opportunity that we have to connect with the brands that we love for a spe

LC Runway Collection 2016

Hi Guys. Fashion Week is up, and the the new collections outside Fashion Week are all over. Of course Lauren Conrad (again) would take advantage of that to release one more exclusive collection with Kohl's to make us want everything. This is just a small overview of the beautiful pieces and the cute little pop store that she put up this time. Not happy enough, she set up the cutest pop up store at The Americana at Brand, where you can buy all collection helped by her. What a dream would to met her and also get fashion tips from her. In a interview, she said that with this collection was a bit different. she started by the color palette move to the fabrics that she wants to work with, to aft

Trend Alert Shirt under Dress

Hi Guys. It's been a while, What did you guys think about our new home? I loved, well I loved all the past layouts too but change is always good, specially when it shows more your personality. We are in the middle of the NYFW for S/S but one trend that is getting big among the fashionistas and influencers and wear a tee or blouse under dress. To be honest, in the beginning I got caught in the situation that I don't love and I don't hate it but was something not for me. OK I bite my tongue for that because I just surrender, I started basic in a black dress with a top underneath ( white so far) but actually I'm getting into it faster than the other trends. The cool par is that this "trend" is

Welcome To Our House

Hello Everyone. Welcome to the new and improved Travel Culture blog. As you notice, we are more modern, interactive and we are still under fix little things phase. We recent had a problem with the posts backup and we pretty much lost 6 years of post. L I know, very disappointing but we are working hard to get back the best posts about Travel and Beauty as soon as possible. So, don’t go away, enjoy our new home and please leave you feedback with suggestions and requests on the comment section below, is really important for us to continuum build a greater and better place for all of you guys. Thanks a lot for the patience in those 2 weeks out of order and enjoy. Source: Pinterest




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