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My Top 3 Inexpensive Cosmetics from the USA

Hi Guys, Today I brought a guest on the blog for a collab that I wanted to do for a while. My guest and I know each other since my first days in Canada, back in 2004 but I'll let her introduce herself. Hello everyone! My name is Bruna Mazzer and I am a Brazilian travel blogger who was invited to come here and tell you about my 3 favorite cosmetic purchases from my last trip to the United States. My travel blog is called PLANETA BM, it is all in Portuguese and you are surely very welcome to check it out! Here in Brazil, where I live, we usually pay very high prices for cosmetics that are much cheaper in America. That’s why we Brazilian girls tend to go bananas in Wallgreens, Walmart and CVS s

Paris for backpackers

Hi Guys, I was thinking about all the great places that I was blessed to go through all this years and i notice that I left a lot of places out of my blog I don't know why. The good news is, I have a lot of to catch up in Travel post. When i went to Paris, was my first Hostel experience and you can imagine how terrify I was right? To be honest I was super lucky on my choice, let me explain. I made my research and reservation through Hostel world, a great user friendly website that helps you pic the perfect Hostel, you can see ratings, photos, details locations you name it, that will help you get the best place for you. (I apologize in advance for some blurry pictures, my camera was moody). M

Um dia no Pumpkin Patch

Oi Pessoal, Faz um bom tempo que não escrevo em Português por aqui, mas na verdade trouxe um post e viajem hoje super especial. além de ser meu primeiro video dando as caras em mais de 6 anos de blog, também foi minha primeira experiência fazendo a tradicional escolha de abóbora no outono, atividade bem comum esta época do ano entre Canadenses que levam suas famílias para escolher as abóboras para cavucar e enfeitar no Halloween. Escolhemos uma fazenda nos arredores de Toronto, para ser mais especifica em Markham, leste de Toronto. A fazenda que se chama Reezor's Farm Market que fica praticamente na beira da estrada, e além de abóbora e milho que se pode colher agora, em outras épocas do ano

My first Thanksgiving cooking.

Hello Everyone, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving first of all, and second, I had to share my experience of my first Thanksgiving actually at the kitchen. Now Turkey is actually not my thing, agains my religion (kidding), I actually don't eat turkey at all so we decide to do something more elaborated that the everyday meal. Now I'm not a master chef in the kitchen, but I like to try, and this year the option was the traditional Brazilian Feijoada which I never did and also i'm not very fun also but I did a light version of it. I did some simple decoration on a table for 2 that I actually thought was really cute is a sunny cold day that was inspired by my DIYer friend that send some inspiration fro

T- Buds Tea House

Hi Guys, the blog is getting back on track after all the loses and changes so now i'm focus in put more travel and places tips. Recently, one of my good friend invite me to go to a afternoon high tea in one specialized tea hose here in Toronto. For those who don't know, Canada has a British and French colonization so yes we do have some English Traditions. Ok, I never been to a afternoon tea house before, but i already read about and I always had the curiosity to go in one. Our choice was the T-Buds Tea House in midtown Toronto. It's a small, cute and cozy place that take clients by reservation, that means that you can't just go there and have your tea, is quite small so better secure the r




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