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Pack it Up

Hi Guys, Is obvious that I love travel, but funny enough I really hate pack, specially for long trips (that means more than 3 days). For me pack time was always a dramatic disaster, I try everything. From roll ups, folds or leave the big garments open at the bottom to warp my all the clothes in the end, believe me I try it all and never worked well because I always want to take more than I actually need. I watch YouTube videos, look up online for tips to make more practical, less painful and easier and I end up getting this “solution”, that for me apparently so far worked. OK, my main problem was actually to combine the garments that I want with accessories and jewellery without arrive in th

Travel Essetials - Cuba edition

Hi Guys, November is here, Yeah..... I love this month, not just because is closer to Christmas, but also because is my Birthday Month. This years like you guys could notice by the title of the post, I'll spend in Cuba and I'm soon excite because I never spend my birthday away and I never been to Cuba. We research a lot and we end up picking Cuba because of the history, Beach and budget, I will talk more about it after in another post. One thing that I like to make sure is that I have all my hygiene, cosmetics and health essentials on point, because you know that when we change our habits, our body react really quickly. I research about it and ask some people that went there before and I uni




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