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Cherry Blossom Season

Hi Everyone, Spring is finally here, and that means that the city is about to get all colourful. This time of the year, all eyes are on the beautiful Shakura Trees al over the city. For those who don't know, this is the tree that brings that pretty little Japanese flower that smells amazing. The flowers was push couple days early this year (April 22) for the happiness of the nature and photography lovers around. I stop by in some points around the city to guarantee my pic ( on Sunday High Park was impossible), and it really worth the visit. The trees were given to Toronto in 1959, and since than they became a main attraction in Canadian early spring when they bloom for around 14 days, some

Best of TO, Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Hi Everyone, Sometimes how many great and local places Toronto have until I revisit it. This week I had to stop by Kensington Market and I found myself at Wanda's Pie, a vegetarian Coffee Shop that makes the most amazing pie that I ever tried. Ok they are actually really famous because of their Pies than anything else, but I actually first find tis place because I was desperate for a coffee. Like most of the places at Kensington Market, Wanda's Pie is a niche, they are have a full vegetarian menu that by the way is delicious, overtime that I go there I try to escalate my way on the menu trying different things such the veggie burger that is AMAZING, the homade cookies and the cheddar croissa




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