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Skincare Favourites

Hi Guys, It's been a while the last time that I talked about skincare products here. I've been trying some new stuff, some good and some not good but today I brought the ones i've been loving. I change completely my routine since i notice that my skin has change with aging, my only product before was just a clinique moisturizer, but I felt the need to change it for more dramatic care. I brought 5 different (but necessary) products that I believe helped my skin survive from the long winter and prepare for summer. Tarte Maracuja Oil: $19,00 15ml I used to hate oils in my face, specially because the stick a greasy feel, but this guy here, I've been searing by. Funny enough, my T zone is dry, so

Best of TO: Caffé Demetré

Hello Everyone, You know those days that you're craving something sweet that is not chocolate or some candy that you have at home? Well that happens with me last week, I wanted something sweet but just not a candy, I wanted a well served dessert. As far as I know, Caffé Demetré is the most famous dessert house in Toronto, They have different locations around GTA (Great Toronto Area), and a endless sweet and coffee menu. The closest location for me is Dufferin and Orfus Rd and I have to say, the decoration of the new place ( they moved across the street a while ago) is so cute and cozy, completely Pinterest, Instagram feed. They think about everything, from the booths, the lights, the bathroo




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