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5 Dupes for High end Makeup.

Hey guys, Back in August my workload double when I started to work for Style 9-5 beauty division. I'm the new writer contributor. :-) I'll share here after a month or so my posts because I believe they are great and there's a lot of good tips to share. Take a look. With so many options of makeup and new brands popping up all over, is hard to focus where we want to spend our precious money on. One thing is true, we want the best on the best in a budget friendly price. How to do that? Trying some dupes for high-end makeup. We have been testing out a bunch of great makeup, and we found at the drugstore exactly what do you need to look high-end without spending the price. Brow: You can leave ho

Nail Polish of the week

Just Stopping by to show this baby out, I love this color, too bad this collection is no longer available at Sephora. Blueberry by Sephora. Source: Travel Culture




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