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5 eyeshadow palettes for travellers

Every time I can, I try to mix my two favourite topics, makeup and travel. Well, since I'm travelling soon, I decided to talk about some of my favourites eyeshadow palette that will compose your look for any location and time of the day. The crucial issue for me is trying to be as compact as I can, especially when I don't want to carry 100 different eyeshadows to for different looks, so let's be compact. Maybelline Soda pop. Drugstore brands are doing my favourite palettes lately, budget-friendly and super trendy usable colours. We are getting into the fall season, Maybelline soda pop has the perfect colour transition from summer to fall without being boring. With beautiful berry to earthy

5 Instagram worth walls in Toronto

Every time we visit new city especially as first timers we look for the amazing touristic places to register the moment in beautiful pictures that we going to remember forever right? Well, sort off. Let's faced, besides the touristic pictures, everybody is going crazy about Instagram worth places to fill up the social media with creative and colourful pictures. Guess what? Toronto is full of those places, besides the great shots you are going to get, there are some amazing places to explore. We selected 5 cool addresses in Toronto that you can just walk, snap a picture and be happy, take a look. Graffiti Ally- 160 Rush Lane. This location is not a stranger among Torontonians but I figure wo

Eye cream for early starters

Since young, women take care of hair, nails and body but eye skin is one of the last ones to be noticed. The under eye area is the thinnest skin of your face and deserve some attention. There’s no right age to start the care especially because the aging in will depend on different factors such as skin and color and type along with sun exposure. Is no secret that the sun accelerates skin aging, the appearance of sunspots and even wrinkles. If you are early 20’s try to incorporate to your routine at least moisturizer eye cream just to keep the most sensitive areas of our face happy. A good moisturizer will help protect and prevent under eye skin aging; Is like give it water to keep hydrated.

5 podcasts to make your trips/ commute more fun

Hey Guys, Couple years ago I got hooked into podcasts and audiobooks world. Back then, we did not have a lot of beauty and fashion podcasts related so I used to listen to some interesting ones that people around me recommended. If you're not familiar with podcasts ( I bet you are), is like a "radio interview", that discuss various topics, you can listen in your computer but if you have a smartphone, just download for free the podcast app in your app store and search your favourite topics to find a podcast that you like. Best part, all for free. Nowadays, podcasts are part of our lives and we can find on any topic we want. Being a beauty junkie myself, I'm always looking for new and interesti




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