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A trip to Mexico history.

I think we can all agree that travel somewhere different is always exciting right? With that being said, everybody has a goal to their trips such as try the culinary, shopping spree, just relax or explore the culture and history. When I decide to go to Mexico, staying in the all-inclusive resort was a must to enjoy free time by the beach or poll, Besides that, I was pumped to check of my bucket list one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Maya temple of Chichen Itzá. Maya culture is super rich and intriguing, there are more than 100 ruins throughout Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatemala but the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is where you can find the most impressive ones. We chose to dedicate a

Happy 2019

Happy New Year everyone. I can't believe Christmas is already done, or better 2018 is gone, I literally didn't see this year pass by and I have to say was a bit of wired year. Well part of my new years resolutions was to find my inspiration to write again. I got a lot of ideas and post in mind but for some reason 2018 was a year that I got completely stuck in that area and I plan to change that in 2019. I realise that I was using this space in a wrong way. Back in 2011 when I start this Blog was to use as a journal and share my experiences and finds with whoever would like to read, it turns out that I was not doing that for pleasure anymore but I wasn’t something fun anymore, I think that wh




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