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Fall is here

And just like that, autumn arrived (not officially yet but), for sure is one of my favorite seasons in Canada, but just like summer is super short and sweet. Here in Toronto, we are blessed with all four seasons, so is beautiful to see the leaves turn orange, the days getting shorter and cooler. There's a ton of things to do during this season in normal times. From festivals to patches, beautiful parks with color-changing leaves, and a lot of cozy drinks. I prepared a list with must-do during this season especially in Toronto, most of it you don't have to invest much money is just be creative and explore your city and pantry. For me, I can't wait to visit parks and see the colorful maple lea

Why you should visit a Lavender field.

Hello everyone. slowly but surely I think I'm getting my inspiration to write back. In the world we are living in, your next airplane write looks a bit uncertain right now but that doesn't mean you can't explore your own city and discover new places to hit, and yes one of your main sources will be Instagram to find those. Just because everybody is going to lavender and sunflowers farms, that doesn't mean you can't go. Chances are that your audience on Instagram and blog is not the same as that cool influencer on your feed have ( believe you can have some people in common but the world is a big place). With all that being said, let's see some places you can explore a drive away from Toronto




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