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December 23, 2017

Hi Guys.

I'm so sorry that i've been away for so long If you follow me on instagram (@travelcultureblog), saw that it's been a bit crazy latelly and a lot of changes coming and thanks for the support through all the years. I hape that 2018 will be a year of changes and...

December 6, 2016

Hi Guys,

I always love Christmas but been away from my family made me forget  bit about the holiday spirit last year. This year i decide do different, bring back my love for the holiday enjoy all the festive around the city.

One of the most famous ones is the Toronto Chr...

December 2, 2016

Hi Guys,

December just started, and with it the Holiday spirit and traditions.

One tradition that I got to know just here is the advent Calendar.

Some of you guys know since you're kid about it, but in South America we don't have anything like that. Well we do have a cale...

October 11, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving first of all, and second, I had to share my experience of my first Thanksgiving actually at the kitchen. Now Turkey is actually not my thing, agains my religion (kidding), I actually don't eat turkey at all so we decide to do...

December 23, 2015

Hi Guys, This Monday decor is a little bit late but Christmas is literally a day away and I was looking for some table set ideas because I’m holding for the first time and I’m kinda new to that, so I went to my best decor ideas place, Pinterest to gather some ideas for...

October 30, 2015

Hi Guys!

Yes the Monday decor shift to Friday just this time because tomorrow is Halloween here in North America. Tomorrow is a day that kids and adults dress up in costumes for party out or just treat or trick. So if your option is not none of those, a good way to cele...

December 31, 2014

Hi Guys!

I just stop by to wish you all a happy new year, and have that this new year brings a lot of joy, hope and happiness to everybody, we gonna keep going with the blog and a lot of new things will come to you guys!

Thanks a lot for this almost 5 years together and...

December 30, 2014

Hi Guys!

How was the Christmas for everybody?

Mine was great, I just chill at home and I cooked a Brazilian Style Dinner that was delicious, I still can remember the taste.

Well 2015 is just few days away, and i was checking some cool decorations ideas for home celebratio...

December 24, 2014

Hi guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and i could not miss the opportunity to select some of my ideas for a great present for this holiday.

I actually just got products for two of my favourite stores here in Toronto, H&M and Aldo, because I think both are great qu...

October 14, 2014

Hi Guys, Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a typical North America Holiday, Im Brazil we don’t have that, but since i moved to Canada I’m celebrating it.

I love the fall decoration that goes with the holiday, if you google it you can find a lot of images from webpages...

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A trip to Mexico history.

January 4, 2019

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