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March 28, 2015

Hi Guys!

Long time no see, right?

I think I hibernate with the winter here in Toronto (Just Kidding). The truth is this final part of my post graduation is really killing me, is taking most of my awake time but one more month.

Well, is spring, even though outside still co...

February 4, 2015

Hello people!

I talked here many times about my passion for the Tv show fashion Police that to be honest i didn’t think would be good again after Joan Rivers passed away (R.I.P), but to be honest with the new cast the keep up the humor and the good standards. That Kathy...

July 1, 2014

To celebrate Canada´s big day, I select some inspire looks with the canadian colors to be ready for the party!

source: Pinterest

February 6, 2014


I confess that i´m sick and tired of this crazy Canadian winter, but to hang on for more 5 weeks (is almost done!!!), let[s kick off some colourful inspirations to hang on just a little and wait for the spring, it[s comming.

No more all black for this season.


January 11, 2014

Looks like the Rock N Roll Style is back for the S/S 2014 not just for the clothes but make up as well.

Some brands like Marc Jacob and Moschino had treat the topic as the star of their next campaigs.

To be honest is not my style at all, but i really admire the people wh...

October 4, 2013

Hi people!

Just a quick inspiration to moy favorie season of the year, is when is not so cold and not hot, so we can work with cute outfits and stay worm.

Só uma rápida inspiração para a minha estação do ano favorita, onde não esta nem frio ou calor e podemos sair naquel...

September 6, 2013

Hi Guys,

I'm in the Blazer phase where every look I want to put the garment on to give a up on the outfit, I got some inspirations here how to combine the Blazer with different pieces and take it out for good just from the work environment. Take a look

Source: Pinterest

June 1, 2013

Pessoal sei que ando meio sumida daqui (sorry about that!), a vida anda uma loucura, sem muito tempo para muita coisa, quem dirá ligar o computador para escrever, mas entre uma loucura cá estou eu.

Ontem a bonequinha da Selena Gomez estava aqui em Toronto promovendo seu...

May 8, 2013

Because even though she don't put for on the look, she's always chic.

 Spource: Olivia Palermo

April 16, 2013

Oi Pessoal,

Não importa se o inverno é aqui ou no hemisferio Norte, as Listras/ Stripes chegaram com tudo para ficar e dar mais alegria para o nosso inverno e Primavera depois.

O classico P&B  é forte, mas podemos optar por varias cores.

Aqui alguns looks para inspirar.


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A trip to Mexico history.

January 4, 2019

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