Rock n Roll Style.

Looks like the Rock N Roll Style is back for the S/S 2014 not just for the clothes but make up as well.

Some brands like Marc Jacob and Moschino had treat the topic as the star of their next campaigs.

To be honest is not my style at all, but i really admire the people who pull up this style well without look trash or over the top and have a lot of thast of course.

Just got some inspiration to get ready for the up comming season that i love so much spring. (I´m kind of tired of cold already! LMAO).

Like i mentioned in the beggining of the post the Rocker style is the bet of the season for many brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacob, Moschino, Rachel Zoe and others in clothes acessories and make up that´s is quite havy for the season but i really enjoy the Strong eyes.

The most recente buzz is all about the new Moschino “Jaquet Bags” that´s is blow the Fashionistas minds and the brand just did a pre launch of the product, can you imagine when it hit he phisical stores? The brand is well Known to create trends, did you remember the cute bear phone cases, it became a hit.

Another new is Marc Jacob´s model choice to promote his new campaign, the controversial singer Miley Cyrus, the major head lines of the pop culture News in 2013 (VMA performance?????), but here she shows her modeling side in a dark version. I honest think that she looks so prety more natural.

just love the make up style of just focus on eyes, is great tip for people that have small eyes(hi!!! ), make it stand out for sure, and the messy hair, just finish the look.

Well loves, this is all for now, is a good trend to watch if you like to try diferente styles, i´ll keep ypu guys posted.


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