Winter products.

I Always have a sensitive and dry skin, but back in Brazil i never had a problem with it because of the climate but a after a moved to Canada some things in my skin care routine change not just because of the cold winter and the humid summer but the hormones too.

Some products still the same what[s change is how many times I apply it per day, for example the sunscreen, even now is cold the snow burns as much as the sun so I have to protect my skin.

From the top left to right?

– Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion: it is one of the best products to hydrate my face that I ever use; it gives back the water for my skin and avoids that dry look in the T area.

– Vaseline: Is the old and cheap one but is the only solution that I found for my hands with all this crazy weather and Wind from -40 to 7 degrees in just one week and we can find in every Market.

– Carmen Steffens foot cream: Hello boots during all winter, this was a present but smells so good and is not sticky at all.

– Winter Candy Apple BODY CREAM from Bath and body Works: Is a holiday sent but is my favorite I have a stock at home, smells amazing.

–Neutrogena Ultra sheer water: light 60: like I already said is essential, I don´t leave home without it, is the best.

– Sephora smoothing primer: Before make up is one of the best ones that I try so far and also the price also is the best.

– Chanel Perfection Lumière foundation: I was crazy to try this one after a lot of online reviews and I finally got in my last trip, is just the light foundation that I ever try. Is my new favorite.

– Apple & Melon lip balm by body basics: I just can say is my favorite.

– MAC Studio Fix NW30: this is an old friend of mine, I think is one of my first powder but I never found a better one.

–Bepantol Derma cream: this one I can use anywhere I want it Works for all the dry or damage parts of the body.

well hope you guys enjoy the tips, for me all this products are really helpful and also you can find it.

source: Travel Culture

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