Next Stop Toronto´s Ripley´s Aquarium

Last Fall, Toronto has gained a brand new attraction.

Located in downtown, The Ripley’s Aquarium was the missing attraction in Toronto (since before that we didn’t have aquarium).

This attraction is located by the CN Tower and beside Rogers Center Stadium. I had a opportunity to work there several times, but i never went there as a visitor, but i can say that i already saw everything there.

Let’s talk about prices.

Well the regular price to a entrance is CAN D- 30,00 plus taxes, is a bit expansive but goes along with the rest of the city’s turistic attractions. Kids and seniors pay 10,00 dollars less which is not bad at all.

They have aquatic animals for different parts of the words in different tanks and a lot of information. The aquarium attract people from all ages and cultures, even if you are not into water, that’s something nice to do there.

Address: 288 Bremner Boulevard Toronto ON M5V 3L9

Source: Travel Culture

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