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First of all, so sorry about all the problems that the blog is going through, the last two weeks we experienced problems and restrictions without host but now, we hope that is not going to happen again!

Well I’ve been trying to post this topic since I had my documentaries marathon in the beginning of this month. Recently I found out some cool documentaries about fashion and beauty that I was trill to share with you guys, and the cool part is that most of those are available on Netflix or download on internet.

I was able to watch on Netflix, like the Anna Wintour: Bloomberg game changes, different from the September Issue (really amazing and recommended as well) is about the life of the most famous editors in chief now-a-days, and is amazing to see how she got it all.

In the same segment also the Inside Dolce & Gabbana, Lagerfeld Confidential and Yves Saint Laurent, is all about the work and life of those designers.

The ones that I like to most was two documentaries that talked about the real life, one is chasing Beauty that shows what people do in name of beauty, not just famous people but also testimonial of ordinary people is fascinating. The other one is call picture me, the personal diary of the model Sara Ziff that shows and talk about one of the world´s most influential business, Fashion. Is interesting to see how hard those girls do to chase their dreams and also how difficult is to get a spot in the glamour world of fashion.

Last but now least Bill Cunningham New York, one of the most famous street style photographers today, he do some work with the powerful newspaper the New York Times and still have his simple life since him started.

Well guys, those are some of my recommendations specially for raining days, really worth to watch.

Let me know if you guys watched any of those.

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