Monday Decoration.

Since I move in with my boyfriend, not just me but we both had to adapt our lifestyle and places to be compatible with each other. I don´t know if I mention it here before, but I used to live by myself and I had my all furnished condo with my girl decoration and taste, same as him, so can you imagine how hard it was when we got all together??? LMAO Almost 3 months later we still working on the decoration in baby steps, selling some things and buy new ones that we both agree in the taste. Well the story goes on and on for long but this is a Topic for another post; meanwhile I select some bedroom inspirations for you guys that are experiencing the same as I´m going through right now.

This are just some ideas to make your room more neutral for both, give it a touch of color and cute decor, because now I’m working in my house decoration I decide to share here my inspirations, what do you guys think?

I´m going to bring some more inspiration and show here my old place and my new place soon.

Ps: Pinterest is one of my best allies those days!

source: Pinterest

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