Monday Inspiration, empty walls.

Hi Guys!

This Monday I decided to post some inspiration for that empty wall that I bet you all have in some parts of your place, can be in your room, office, kitchen and also living room. Most of those empty spaces are for sure in the office. It´s doesn’t matter if your office desk is facing the wall like mine is or the wall is behind you, is always so clean and no fun. Thinking about those spaces I separate some inspirations that I found online, other blogs and also my personal pictures to inspire you guys to decorate your space, check this out.

That´s one of my personal one in my place, I collect magnets from all over the world.

The fun part is that you can use murals, wall decal, signs, lights, pictures, you name it, is all about make this space more personal and creative.

source: Travel Culture and Blogs

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