Aussie for blondes.

Hello Guys! This past month I´ve had been testing some products that I saw a lot of reviews online. I already talked about other products that I use here in the blog but that brand I have to confess I´d never tested before!

I´m using three different products from Aussie brand. The 3 minutes miracle, the hair insurance spray and the split- end protector. The split- end protector I use as a mascara together with my shampoo and conditioner routine because the consistence of this product is more thin and light so it complement my day-by-day hydration. On the other hand, the 3 minutes miracle I alternate with my regular conditioner because it is more concentrate like those salons hydration cream, so just a small quantity applied from the middle to the edge of the hair solve all my problems.

In one month of use I notice that my hair (extreme dry because of all the chemistry) got so much better. This product doesn’t take the place of the real salon hydration but helps a lot to take care of your hair at home! The heat protecting me use every time with my hair wet before use my blow dryer, to prevent damages in the future, the consistence is liquid so it not leaves my hair heavy.

I know I said that before but since I moved to Canada my hair changed a lot (shine, texture and volume), because I lost a good amount of hair I became paranoid with it and I do whatever it takes to keep it health. This line is helping me a lot and doesn’t cost much. The 3 minutes miracle that I’m using is the color version that is kind of new and also is not available in Canada so I buy from U.S. The other two (split- end protector and heat protecting), is available in Canada and has an affordable price of CAN 2, 00 and CAN 2, 50 each. Pretty good deal. Mine I got at Wall Mart. I have more products to recommend but I’ll post it one of time ok?

Pos: Price, quality, smell and size.

Cons: product availability.

Remenber that ir Works for all types of hair and colors.

Hope you guys liked this tip.

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