Accessories Obsession

Hi Guys!

I haven’t mention any brands for a while, but to be honest I didn’t have much time this summer to walk around the stores to see the new (ok we already at pre- fall collection LMAO).

One of the stores that I could see was Aldo, and their cure dog collection and other fun handbags and accessories that I want all.

I separate my favorite models from the summer collection that still in the stores, some of the models are already on sale and the best thing you can buy onlineand Aldo deliver for free. I love it.

Aldo follows other big brand trend of fun bags such as Kate Spade, Charlotte Olympia and more.

My favorite ones are the Paris Tote bag and the dog I Pad cases, is the cutest thing ever.

How about you guys? Which one do you like the most???


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