Coffee Station Dream

Hi Guys!

The monday decor this week was change for wednesday because i had some personal problems, but better later than never right????

Like I promise before that I would bring my favorite corner of my house, my coffee station.

Took me a while until I found all the decorations, peaces and even the coffee machine (the coffee machine post is going to come soon) ideal for us since we are coffee freaks.

I´m still working on my wall decoration, I got some cute sign to put in there but is not here yet. Oh, by the way I got at e-bay for an amazing price, I show you guys after.

I got some coffee station inspirations for you guys and my own corner to show as well.

Hope you guys enjoy it, it doesn’t matter witch machine you have, with a lot of creativity and some ideas you can do a cheap and cute coffee corner.

Well those last two ones are my friend´s and mine coffee stations, like I said before, mine still have some work on to do, but i´ll update you guys through instagram (@juniafoncalves). Hope you guys like all the ideas.

Oh one more thing, most of my decoration and mugs I got from Homesense and Kitchen Stuff.

source: pinteret, Travel culture

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