My week in Punta Cana Pt. 2

Hi Guys.

I´m back with the second part of my trip to Punta Cana. As I said before it was full of food and drinks, so let´s start the dirty talk. J

Well we got quite a few restaurants. We had Mexican, Dominican, Chinese, Italian and the Brazilian, I have to say all were amazing good, but I almost repeat the Mexican and the Dominican, all three courses were amazing delicious.

I don´t remember exactly the name of all dishes but I’m going to (try) giving all the details. Ai El Sombrero (Mexican) we had some Marguerites to start and fry onion rings as an appetizer with nacho soup (yummy), main course I had this amazing tacos and he had beef with vegetables and dessert I choose grilled pineapple with tequila sauce and he try the cheese cake. All the plate sizes were perfect to satisfy us without make us full. The decoration was typical Mexican.

Next El Pilón (Dominican), OMG such an amazing and simple food. We had pretty much the same, Dominican soup to start along with a typical alcohol called Mama Joana (so strong), and Dominican meat well cooked with a special gravy and bananas. As a dessert I had Dolce the leche pie and sorry I really forgot the name of his choice, was chocolate something but was really delicious. The decoration was very simple as well but cozy.

Shangay (The Chinese), had the most sophisticated decoration but the food didn’t impress me, maybe because this type of food is easy to find everywhere, don’t get me wrong was delicious but quite normal for us.

The appetizers, we had sushi, meat on stick (red and white meat) and spring roll. My choice of main course was chicken with vegetables and he got sea food with red meat, unfortunately I can´t eat sea food because I have severe allergy but that´s fine. Last but not least the desert, I had pineapple pie and he had a fry ice cream.

Mamma Mia (the Italian), we got some wine to enjoy better the Italian food that started with some cheese rolls and tomato gazpacho. The main course we both got lasagnas’, but I got the spinach one and he went for the regular one. The dessert, best part always. I choose the ice cream cake and we got the coffee tiramisu but we end up switching. LMAO

Rodeo (Brazilian), was the only one that I didn’t took any pictures because was a simple rodizio as we do in Brazil, nothing special to be honest but for someone that is not Brazilian worth the try and the location was beautiful, just by the sea. Well I do have some topic left(what to do in) to talk about from Punta Cana, but i´m going to leave it for the next post. See you.

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