My week in Punta Cana Pt 1.

Hello Guys!!!

My plain was to talk about my experience in one post but was so good that I decide to divide it, so I can dig in more for you guys.

Last Month, I had my first all inclusive resort experience and I have to say, I think that´s is in my Top three ways to travel (not that I have many options but. LMAO).

For those that don´t know, the All inclusive plain means that you going to pay one package that you don´t have extra charges with food, activities inside the resort, airfare, transportation etc. This is new to me as well, but let me explain a little bit more.

We got a pretty good deal from Toronto to Punta Cana through Sun wing’s website (is a small airline company that have a division call SW Vacation that sends you every week good deals to some exotic destination) we got this deal by e-mail and we couldn’t deny the opportunity to see a place that both of us never been. The deal was one week in resort 4+ (plus) stars with all meals inclusive, alcohol, 5 restaurants, superior suite with airfare, pickups and everything, so we decide to buy it and go.

Punta Cana is located in Dominican Republic in Caribe besides Haiti, is a small island in the middle of the sea. The resort that we stayed is call Club Caribe princess at Bavaro Beach and the property is close to other two of the same family (The Tropical Princess and Bavaro Princess). The truth is that the entire area is surrounding by resorts in different sizes, quality and services.

About the one that I stayed, had 7 different la carte restaurants, front beach bars and a Lot of good food!

Ok first day, we left Toronto early morning and we took a 4 hours flight to our destination. One thing that I love since the beginning was the airport, The Punta Cana International Airport Looks like a resort itself, is all open and charm. When we got there we went through immigration and also to enter in the country we have to pay a visitor tax (USD 10, 00) per person. Some local musicians also play in this area while we wait for our luggage.

After we done in the airport, we got a shuttle to our hotel, was around 30 25 minutes away from the airport, and boy was so hot (love air conditioner those days.). We got in the hotel, did the check in and the moment that we step in to the resort, we were greeting with drinks and everything was took care of.

Our room was cozy, clean and so comfortable, that I had nothing to complain about. After we got our stuff in the room, we went to the beach to check the view and OMG how pretty it was.

Well you guys know all the bla,bla, bla from the first day so I´m going to skip it. After we got ourselves familiarize with the resort and booked some of the La cart restaurants (I´m going to talk about this latter), we decide to hang out in the lobby were we had free internet 24/7, and there happen the bad part of the trip. My brand new Tory Burch sunglasses got stolen in a blink of eye right there in the lobby in the reception. I start to ask about it to everybody there and nobody saw it. I really don´t know if was someone from the hotel stuff or some guest, but one valuable advise that I can give to anybody is Keep your eyes in your belongings all the time, we might be used to Toronto safety but Dominican Republic is not like that and I had to lose something to learn it in my first day, was sad but is it didn’t not ruined my trip.

Despite of that the place was amazing, with a lot of green, big gardens, different animals and a lot of foods and drinks.

I´m going to continue this history in other post to not make it a bible, so see you guys in the next post, hope you guys enjoy my tips and pictures.

source: Travel Culture

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