Monday Decor, Reading Nook.

Hi Guys!

One more Monday, one more decor inspirational idea.

This week I brought the reading nook, is one of my goals right now to do in my place. Is super easy to create but requires a little more time, effort and if you don’t have exactly the display that you want sometimes more budget to construct not to set up.

Ok, first of all, for those who don’t know (that includes myself that just find out the name recently, I used to call as my reading corner), Nook is a small space, corner or even place to ride, but in this term is more a space for yourself, to relax even meditate.

I always wanted this type of space for me because I grew up reading a lot that’s to my mom who incentivize the habit since my childhood.

Back home I have my small library and now in my new place I’m building mine but also I want to keep it very cozy with a lot of books and cushions under my big window to enjoy the daylight in the four seasons.

Here are some inspirations that I got for it.

Mine space still in process (paper actually), but as soon as I update I show to you guys here!

You can do this space in any part of your home, by the window is just one of the ideas, just be creative, put books a comfy chair, side table and you have your space.

Source: Pinterest

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