My week in Punta Cana- Final.

Hello Guys!

This is my last post about Punta Cana!

More are to come about other places, but let´s kill this topic first.

Well, we decide to spend as much time as we could on the resort because after all, they have lots to offer (I´m not just talking about the La cart restaurants but activities.).

Our resort, like all the other provides entertainment, activities you name it to keep us busy during the week. I confess that I preferred stay sun tanning that do other things, but the free stuff includes, Gym, tennis court, soccer field, kayak, bike rental, playroom for kids, shows, nightclubs and, free shuttles to the city, pool, dance class and etc.

We enjoyed the Gym, the downtown shuttle to souvenir shop, pool and the crepe coffee. Of course we spend as much time as we could by the beach, but we also got some activities that we pay to do like the parasailing.

At this one we spend around $ 40, 00 dollars each, but it was amazing experience to relax, feel free and see Bavaro Beach from the top, really worth it.

I do recommend go out for a tour in downtown to do your souvenir shop, almost everything inside of the resort is crazy expensive, so hit the town to do that. Also think that all the trips that the Resort has to offer (pay one) are valid, they have beautiful places to see in the country, is a good option. I on the other hand decide to enjoy the sun after a long Canadian winter. LMAO Oh! Try the massage by the beach, is amazing, is one of my favorites. I have you all enjoyed my testimonial about my experience in a resort, more to come for sure.

ps: some of my goodies!!!

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