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If you follow me on Instragram (@juniagocalves), you probably saw one of my last posts about a book that i’m reading for college, and turns out that i love this book so much that I decide to write a post about it.

Is a business like book but very interest if you whats to move to a blog field.

Author: Zoe Griffin.

In This book the Author start talking about her history, she is a former Sunday Mirror’s newspaper columnist that decide to go into a blogging world. She shares her mistakes and errors and how she learned from it and succeeds.

She highlights and compare actions for have success in blogging with companies’ business plain.

The book is divided in two parts. The first one is to help reader to ensure that his or her blog can become profit marketing business (step by step guide on how to create, manage, build up and monetize a blog) and the second is a digging into popular blogging subjects such as fashion, beauty, technology even business related and how those can be approach in a different ways. This book is a How-to guidebook category.

The first chapters approach the basic from how to create a blog in details and even the meaning of a lot of words that we use in the blogosphere, to write style, create a nice and clean layout (design it), create and grow your brand and find your niche of interest.

Still in the first part of the book, she teaches how to improve the blog traffic using monitor tools and how to attract partners and start to make the profits that we are seeking for.

Jumping to the second part of the book, Griffin devotes each chapter for different blogging topics such as fashion, beauty, technology and business. She could explore more about other topics like travel or décor, but maybe those are topics for a second book, but a good part of the book is when she give some advices of how to establish your name in the “blogosphere” and how to advertise yourself, make more contacts out there.

In conclusion, she gives a lot of tips and clarifies a lot of technology languages that we might see everyday but didn’t have a clue about it. Is a good reading, if you don’t have a blog it makes you wants have a blog.

The negative point is that the small variety of topic examples and some points are to repetitive.

Zoe Griffin

Is a good book with a lot of useful tips, I really recommend it. Mine I got on Amazon, I do believe that they deliver world wide but is good to check, it was very affordable, with tax and shipment I payed just CND: 11,05 and got here fast.

The author has publish other articles about blogging based in her book, so if you want a preview also just check this article.

Does any of you guys read the book already? whats your point of view for it? did you like it? Let a comment on the comment box.

source: Personal pictures and google.

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