The best of T.O -Carole’s Cheesecake.

Hi Guys!

Call me distracted but I’ve been in this place around two months ago and i complete forgot to post this awesome tip.

To be honest, the day that I found this place was not on purpose, we were on our way to one more dinner and i stop by in front. The result? I had to save space to my ultimate dessert. About the restaurant I can talk more later.

After I research I found out that this Carole’s cheese cake’s are the best in Toronto. Ok i didn’t try that many types of cheesecakes here but I 100% agree, is amazing.

Ok the actual Cafe is in downtown Toronto in one of the most cool addresses in the city, at Yorkville, house of most of the luxury brands and cool restaurants and bars in town.

I got the red velvet flavour (is 2 layer of cake and cheesecake)and i have to say, is a piece of heaven on earth. My boyfriend got the triple chocolate (i’m not a big chocolate fun, but i have to say the is sooooo good). Other day I try the Lemon one, so is hard i say which one is he best.

The price is around $5,00 to $8,00 which is expensive but is not a everyday dessert and really work it, also the place is very cozy, they have different beverages with coffee, teas even some alcohol and other good foods served in there.

The other good thing about this brand is that we can find those delicious cheesecakes in some stores and super markets. In the oficial webpage here is possible to find all the places that sell it.

Overall I would rate this place 10/10, I haven’t try all the things there yet, but the food, presentation, environment and cleanness is perfect for me. Highly Recommend.


Carole’s Cheesecake Cafe Yorkville 114 Cumberland

see you guys next time!

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