Politics of Fashion Exhibition.

Hi Guys!

Last week I had a field Trip with my college to see an exhibition at Design Exchange in Toronto about Fashion. It calls Fashion of Politics, Politics of Fashion by the Canadian influencer Jeanne Beker, Canadian journalist (and other titles, LMAO).

During the visit, we had an opportunity to see a lot of pieces from famous designers from the past and also now-a-days ones. The thing is all the designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Moschino, Jeremy Scott and others have something to say about the politics (can be manifest in a lot of different ways.).

After the visit in the museum we had a chance to do our own political t shirt in a print Screen and that’s was include in the price that we payed for the visit, was a good experience and also because I’m doing Fashion right now, this gave me a lot of knowledge about all the great designers and their history.

Bellow I put some pictures from my work (LMAO), My group and I decide to work with a movement calls Unlearn so we print- screen this in our shirts.

If you guys want to know more about the exhibition here is the website with the main informations and prices.

This exhibition goes until January 25th 2015 at the Design Exchange.

Here also a video from the exhibition.

234 Bay Street P.O. Box 18 TD Centre

Toronto, Ontario M5K 1B2

Hope you guys enjoed the tip.

Have any of you guys seen the exhibition? let me know what do you guys think and which designer is your favourite.

credits: personal, youtube and design exchange

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