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Hi guys,

November is usually a busy month for me not just because a lot of events happen in the city, but also because is my Birthday month and I graduate from my Advertise Post grad course.

This year was more special because my mom is in town to celebrate it with me and we decide to spend a weekend in Montreal and Ottawa. I’ve been in both cities a couple years ago during the summer, but never in the cold weather and with her, so was defiantly more than special.

In Ottawa we Lunch in one restaurant that I already knew but I forgot how good it was. Is the Tucker’s Market, located right behind Byward Market in downtown Ottawa. The thing about this place is just not about the great location, but also about the food variety, price and great service.

For the price of CAN $18,00 is all you can eat all types of food, including pasta, meats, see food, salads, vegan, branch, sweets, soups and also drinks. I have to say the food is delicious, and is not just for those that want to save money during the trip, is for everybody, the food really worth it, very yummy.

The pasta is prepared right in front of you, and the variety of desserts is to die for.

The Address is:

61 York Street, Byward Market

tel: 613-241-6525

Really worth the visit guys.

See you next time.

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