Christmas wishlist.

Hi guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and i could not miss the opportunity to select some of my ideas for a great present for this holiday.

I actually just got products for two of my favourite stores here in Toronto, H&M and Aldo, because I think both are great quality and have some style pieces and great prices for any pocket.

Now, those are some of my choices that I already try (or ask as present LOL), and I know that fits well and are available in both stores.

The biggest difference between the Holiday season here in Canada comparing to my country Brazil, is of course the weather. In Brazil is summer, beach time where everybody celebrates with flutter dresses by the sea, jumping the 7 waves to make a wish. Meanwhile in Canada is Ice-cold, so we have to protect ourselves dressing in layers, That’s why i picked colourful pieces because the weather already not helps, so let’s make this more enjoyable.

Those are my choices, how about you guys, any ideias for presents? let me know leaving a comment below.

Happy holidays.

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