Monday decor: New Year’s ideas.

Hi Guys!

How was the Christmas for everybody?

Mine was great, I just chill at home and I cooked a Brazilian Style Dinner that was delicious, I still can remember the taste.

Well 2015 is just few days away, and i was checking some cool decorations ideas for home celebration. Opposite from my traditional new years eve in Brazil that we usually spend at the beach, here in Toronto is cold ( but now snowing), so if you don’t have any party, night clubs or even house party to attend. Here is some ideas that I found to make the home celebration with family, friends or just lover even more special.

I really loved the Bar set up and the New year’s hat, I already got mine, how about you guys?

The best thing of all those decorations that I showed you guys, is that is possible to find in dollar stores, party stores or even if you are really handy and creative, you can do it, and is not going to cost much.

I already got a lot of inspirations from it. Are you guys ready for 2015?????


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