All about That Glitter

Hi Guys.

Lately I notice how the fashion course is changing me little by little in some aspects. I’ve been always a basic Jeans, top and flat person with no dare style or sparkle, prints or bright colours, but been in Canada for a while and having this long cold a grey winter made me change my opinion about colours, also here different from my country Brazil, nobody cares what are wearing ( even though is a plastic bag as a dress, people really respect and they leave their own lives (critic moment. LMAO).

Fashion also made me realize that is fine to add some glow in your look or make up anytime of the day, based on those thoughts I got some inspirations of looks that I would love to wear anytime of the day and anywhere.

Those are some of my favourite ways to style the sparkle, but just remember, no matter were you are or why are you are dressing for, as long as you feel comfortable is always good.

source: Pinterest

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