Winterlicious Season.

Hi guys!

I know, I’ve been absent from the blog lately, but believe me this semester (my last one) is harder thank I expected, in the middle of crises, stress, start timeline and work (which i kind of gave up now), I have to find time to write, and i do have a lot of content to share here but is been really hard. Let’s leave the complains aside.

Today I came to talk about the twice a year festival that hit Toronto with a lot of success, Winterlicious (Summerlicious during the summer obviously).

Basically this festival happens all over the city in more than 200 great restaurants of different types that they set up a menu with 3 course fix price so people can enjoy some different dishes for an affordable prices.

The festival started last Saturday January 30 and goes until February 12. The price range goes from a $18,00 to $ 28,00 for Lunch and $25,00 to $45,00 for dinner, for some of the restaurants of the list, that’s a great deal.

I’m for sure will try this year, I’ve been postpone to go for some years, but this year there’s some spots that I want to give a try.

The complete meno and the restaurants you find in here , there’s a restaurant for every person taste, Japanese, Chinesa, Canadian, French, Indian, Mexican even Brazilian, so just take a look and enjoy the cold season deals.

Remember that Winterlicious ends on the next February 12.

Hope you guys like the tip.

source: google, and Witerlicious.

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