Valentine’s day for singles.

Hi Guys! Happy Valentine’s Day…..

Today i just brought a article that I wrote for the web site Runway Crush with some cool ideas for Valentines day, check this out.

Holiday season barely finish and we already have another celebration date approaching on February 14, Valentines Day. Like almost all the dates, was created with commercial proposes but end up making part of our lives as a tradition all over the world.

If you research what to do in this day, it will put up thousand options buy how about the single people?

Well thinking about that, we selected a lot of different tips for the singles have as much fun as everybody in this day.

-Fist of all, being single doesn’t mean been alone, so if you have a thing going on it might be a great idea to go party with that flame, no commitment just have fun with someone that you enjoy the company. If you don’t have anybody, go out with friends without thinking about find a flirt, just spend time with your friends like was a ordinary weekend and the options for it are very neutral such as pubs, night clubs, cinemas (avoid romance movies), museums, your favorite band concert, spas or even travel for the weekend to a new place.

-Spend some quality time doing something that you love, like a hobby for instance, can go from reading a book, listen to your favorite songs to go to the gym and take care of your health, you going to spend time on you which is becoming rare those days with our busy lives.

– Clear you closet, donate what you don’t use anymore for people in need, care and help makes you feel good, happy because you are making difference in someone’s live.

– Don’t do anything that you going to regret after. This one is very strait forward, so if for instance you are considering text or contact ex, don’t do it, and so on.

-Make a profile in a relationship web site or app just for fun, you never know if your future soul mate is there, but don’t forget to have fun with it.

Las but not least be positive always, after all is a normal day like others and if you are single still can make a great day without having someone, but surround by people that you like family and friends.

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