A day and the life of generation millennial.

Hi Guys!

In the beginning of the year, I wrote a post for Runway Crush with our generation as a topic and I totally forgot to share here with you guys. I know most of us Know all those facts, but I research a bit and decide to write anyways, and in my talking with my parents, I notice how different was back in their 20’s

This group is considerer a world change generation. They came more conscious, willing to make a difference somehow, pursuit happiness in everything that they do (even in workplace), are tech savvy and do everything from the heart? So yeah, definitely you belong to millennial generation.

The change generation started back in the 60’s on Woodstock where they did a lot of movements to change the world.

The millennial found out really quick that information and opportunity are the words that modify, revolutionize and optimize the success that we all chase for a good part of our life.

This generation is different, they are healthier, less addicted to chemistry, like fresh air, nature life (outside activities), travel a lot and really respect the environment. They are willing to research and know more about everything (this habit is becoming common in generation Z too), to improve their personal and professional life, They have strong attitudes, very independent, and very vain in the body aspect and aware. On the other hand this generation have some the enjoy the life as a logo in their life, the have more partners and short relationships but very intense, in a career prospective, they change a lot jobs, and are always looking for the happiness in the professional life don’t go deep in the job if they are not happy.

Lifestyle matters, likes to consume more, change the devices and garments more frequently, so have this group, as a target market is a challenge for any company.

In conclusion, this generation is more globalized, really present in the social medias and with strong opinion, they try to understand what’s going on in the world and want to look for a change to make the world a better place for the following generations.

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