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Hi guys!

This week i’ve been more punctual in writing here (Bonus point, LMAO)

The post today will be open a Tag about fashion bloggers that inspires me. I never considered myself a fashion blogger because my thing was always travel, lifestyle and beauty (more travel and lifestyle though), but I do admire a lot of fashion bloggers that inspire me to always dress up nicely no matter where you go specially because I confesse, i’m kinda lazy and I like to dress comfortable even spend the day in my gym outfit.

The chosen blogger is charming Blair Eadie, the creative mind behind the blog Atlantic- Pacific, she also have a 9-5 job as a merchandiser director at Tory Burch in NY The blog name came from hard change to west coast to east coast.

Owner of a ladylike style, she’s always impeccable well dressed and she don’t mind repeat clothes, witch i think is great. Her looks ar always so well put together and polished, that every time that I visit her blog, I want to copy the looks. Talking about her blog, is simple and user friendly, is just a post title. the pictures and the credits witch i think is great, since sometimes we are to lazy to read.

In recent interview for The Coveteur and Lauren Conrad we site, she open her life ( a little) and her house and talked about her work, day- by- day and schedule, she also confess that she spend so may years building her wardrobe that she don’t have a a inspire closet from any public figure, she is happy with her choices that by the way make a lot of us jealous, her collection of Chanel bags and cute skirts is to die for.

How about you guys, who is your blogger inspirations?

source: Atlantic-Pacific

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