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Today I came to share the first of a series of 3 ( or maybe 4), posts with a Shopping Guide of Green Beauty in Toronto. Lately I found out this growing market in the beauty segment and actually there’s great options of brands to choose from. You want to know more about all those amazing places and brands? So keep reading.

My fist stop was at Detox Market in downtown Toronto. They have Two locations here, the one that I went to at King Street West, and a new one at one of the trendy shopping places in the city, Yorkville.

I got to know Detox Market by friend of mine Tiffany that works there and BTW helped me a lot in my visit, Thanks Love.

A bit about Detox background, Valérie Grandury, the founder was a breast cancer survivor and during her fight agains it she felt the need of detox her life from all kinds of toxins in her environment that was in contact with her body. after she went back to school to became a health and wellness coach and tart helping people, she saw a gap in the market and start to blend freshly made organic skincare for herself and clients. after she launch her brand Odacité, is a oil based skincare natural treatment for your skin. Detox Market have 1store in California and 2 in Toronto that got people attentions after the pop up store during TIFF in 2013, also she sells her products on the website and in boutiques in 30 different countries.

Detox Market works with other brands as well and to be sold in the store Valérie carefully select brands in 6 different steps, Ingredients, Performance, Packaging, price, exclusivity and of course fair trade.

Those are some brands that you can find at Detox.

What I loved about Detox is the variety of brands and products to choose from, you can have make up, skincare, hair, teas, food and even products for your house to detox your entire life, of course that the price point is different, for more exclusive things that is not produce in mass will be a bit more expensive, but detox is the same as diet, you have to start slow, adapt yourself and your life and a new routine and put mor effort and money on it. The green life going big and was prove that improves life in a significant way.

Last but not least, I want to thank you the Detox team for the attention and the amazing samples that i’ve been trying, my favourite so far is the One Love sponge that I use on the shower 2 times a week, w3ll People bio Brightener stick, Odacité divine Rose & Neroli balance toner mix and the mini Nud. Now I didn’t finish to try all the products that I want, I put a picture on Instagram of all the products that I got, if you guys wants reviews leave a comment bellow

We still have more green beauty to come so stay tuned.

picture source: Travel Culture Blog

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