Sparks Session 2015


HAPPY 2016…….

Last November I attend my first conference in my life, Sparks session. Because I have no idea of price range for this kind of things I almost didn’t go because of the price, $126.89 dollars but after some research I found out that the price was really fair for this type of conference.

That’s probably one of little conferences that we have available in Canada about blogging and social media ( I know blog podium and the Google week event), I have to say, Sparks season exceed my expectations and I can’t wait for the next edition that will be next spring in TO. as well.

We started early and we had a amazing day where I meet new amazing T.O bloggers, and learned more about platforms that I was not very familiar like periscope and others that I do know but I was not enjoying all benefits like Pinterest that by the way, I got obsessed. We had great speakers from PR agencies such as Overcat and Izea that became my dream job, bloggers and projects that worth to know. The panel with popular Canadian bloggers and very Informative, one of my favourite part.

The Venue was amazing, since i work with events I worked there before, but the experience as a customer was so perfect, made me like work there more for sure, is the St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto, hopefully will be there again.

Another great thing that I think the girls from Sparks Session got right on point was the partnership with brands. We had amazing well know brands such benefit, physician Formula, Garner, Juice Culture, Tangerine and others, but they also introduce some new brands that were new at least to me that offered us amazing products, I’m already using the entire line from Refresh Botanicals that I got to know during the conference and I’ll for sure share my thoughts here about very soon.

They also had So.. Fragrance, Pure+Simple and another amazing project calls Beauty gives back, that they help woman gets the confidence back after a cancer treatment using Beauty, It’s awesome since this disease really mess direct with woman vanity. You also can help this beautiful project, Just click here to know more.

Last but not least, the goodie bag, OMG they went above and beyond on this one, seriously I never got any goodie bag in any event like this one, real size products to test and play with that I couldn’t even use all yet, I do get a god amount of products to test overtime, but this was like the best gift ever.

I do want to thanks Sparks Session for such an amazing time and for sure we gonna see each other again this year, here is the link to know more about the conference, really recommend if you want to invest not just in a blogger career but also social media.

source: Travel Culture blog

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