Inspire Bloggers- Anna James

Hey Guys

i’m always looking for inspire bloggers that I don’t know yet, so I keep looking on Instagram, bloglovin, fashionlista and others to “discover” a new inspire girl. This one in Particular Anna, I follow her for a while, even before she became Lauren’s Conrad Style Editor. She also contributes for one of the biggest fashion Magazines in North America, Vanity Fair. She is the face behind the blog Fash Boulevard.

What I love about Anna is that she always incorporate a pop of colour in every outfit, no matter the season.

Her story is quite nice, and her blog is really cute I really like her column at, but her bog is one that I keep checking for inspiration, even though LA weather is completely different from Toronto, that’s a lot of great ideas to incorporate in the wardrobe. check her blog.

How about you guys, what’s your inspire blogger? let me know in the comments below so I can feature him/her here.


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