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Hello Everyone.

As usual I’ll use the same excuse for the late post. Busy, busy but is true, it’s been crazy lately at work but this one is just a couple days late for a great reason. Thanks to Generation Beauty by Ipsy, I could gather more products ( also a brand new one) and get to know more about this brand that I’m bring today.

Is some of the products from Be Delectable By Cake Beauty ( I love this name). A bit that I research, this line is most affordable of all the products from Cake beauty and I’m glad because a felt in love with this line ( the smell is amazing).

They are Canadian and Toronto based and they use a lot of natural sources and cruelty free.

I got 4 different products, The body scrub and body gel in the Strawberry & Creme sent and at GenBeauty I got the hand cream with the same brand and their new product call everything balm (bottled brilliance).

Be Delectable Body Polish and body Wash: First of all, the packaging is so cute, the logo, writing everything. The design is pretty standard but helps a lot in the product application, you get it all The smell is fantastic, i’m not into sweet smell, but this one is so good, and even after apply and dry the skin, you can smell it. The body scrub takes all the dead skin and feels very refreshing. Im running out of this ones but for sure i’ll get some more, even try the other fragrances.

Price: $ 14,00 each

Be Delectable Hand Cream (Strawberry & Cream): Again the smell and the packaging is the same, what I liked about this hand cream is that’s I actually don’t have to keep reapplying all the time like I do with others, it actually moisturizes my hands for longer, specially now that i’m finishing a treatment to take the marks out, is my new TO GO cream. Also the size is perfect to carry around in your bag.

Price $12,00

Everything Balm: This one was the one that I was really curious to try on. I went to their booth at Generation Beauty and got to Know a bit about this product. Pretty much promises 21 uses on you, some of than are: lips, hair, hands face,eyebrows, body, you name it. I confess that I didn’t try it all yet but I try on my hands and lips and I really like it, specially on the lips. Mine gets very dry when I’m sick, so is helping a lot. The smell is subtle and there’s no taste. The packaging have a applicator that helps control the amount of product that you want to dispense, and just a little bit of product do the job, LOVE IT.

Price: 16,00

In summary, I’m obsess with Cake Beaty Products and I can’t wait to try different ones, The are fun, cute and really good, I’m in love with the Everything Balm.

How about you guys, did you already try any of those products? Let me know in the comment section below and also if you guys want this post in Portuguese.

source: Personal.

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