Moday Decor, Small Living Room

Hello Everyone.

Monday Decor is back. Again I’m here to look for solutions to organize and make the entire home space cozy. This week we going to talk about Living Rooms/ Family Rooms. I have a Ok living room size in here, but because my Bay window I have a limited configuration that I can work with so it became small living room. I was luck because I found small cool furnitures that fits my place perfectly but still doesn’t look cozy as I wanted, so I went back to Pinterest to get some inspirations to make my Small Living room really cute,comfy and functional, take a look.

One tip that I have that worked really well in my place was the glass/ acrylic furniture and chairs and also mirrors to give the impression that the room is bigger that it looks. Now i’m still working is this room and some of those inspirations above actually helped to turn this room into a cozy and functional environment.

Did you guys have any great time to make small spaces functional and cozy? let me know in the comment section bellow.

source: Pinterest


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